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New York Metropolitan Association of Applied Psychology

Science to improve work

Welcome to METRO, a group dedicated to serving the needs of applied psychologists and related professions in the greater New York area. The key to our success is involvement of a wide range of people, from new students at one of many local I/O Psychology programs to seasoned veterans with years of wisdom. It doesn't matter whether you are in the city or adjacent state, academic or practitioner, client or consultant, PhD or Masters. Whatever your background, METRO provides a space for all to come together and learn about topics and methods which blend science and practice to solve today's most pressing organizational challenges.  

WHat we offer

  Learning

Monthly events hosting diverse thought leaders and scientists exploring the evolving state of practice and related research in applied psychology. 


From social hours to career days, our events provide a forum for consultants, HR professionals, students, and academics to gather, bond, and collaborate over shared interests and aims.

  Building

Advancing the discipline by spreading evidence-based models and tools to support best-practices for improving the workplace.

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Example Topics

Science of Team Meetings

Big Data in People Analytics

Coaching for Behavioral Change

Advances in Personality Assessment

Integrative Leadership Development Pipelines

Emotional Labor and Employee Health

Individual-Oriented Assessment



 Meet hundreds of professionals from diverse industries.
Free presentations from renowned speakers and experts.
 Showcase your business or specialization at annual events.
 Stay up to date with cutting-edge topics.
 Share ideas and projects with local academics and practitioners.
 Access to special events, past presentations, and directories.


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