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    Poor onboarding can leave your employees with lower confidence in their new roles, worsened levels of engagement, and an increased risk of jumping ship. In this virtual session we will reflect on a time you joined an organization and it felt like they weren't expecting you. Then we will reflect on how your organization welcomes and onboards their leaders. Finally, we will explore ways to accelerate the transition of leaders into the organization with their teams and function, through both personality and data insights. 

    A zoom link will be sent to all registrants on the day of the event. If you do not receive the link please email metro.ny.app.psych@gmail.com. 

    Presenter Bio

    Dr. Kelli Gore is the Head of Executive Development at PayPal. In this role, Dr. Gore is responsible for creating an ecosystem of meaningful, targeted and timely development experiences for senior executives within the organization.  Additionally, Dr. Gore provides data driven executive coaching to prepares senior leaders for C-Suite roles. Prior to joining PayPal, Dr. Gore worked for Pepsico, Ernst and Young, and KPMG as a leader and executor in Talent Management and Organization Development. 

    Dr. Gore received her Bachelors from Howard University, Masters from New York University (NYU) and Ph.D in I/O Psychology from The Chicago School for Professional Psychology. She has a passion for developing leaders as well as mentoring the youth. She has been a keynote speaker for various conferences such as the Global Hacking HR conference as well as the Westchester Human Resource Management Society. She has served as a mentor for various programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Westchester Community College Workplace mentorship program.

Past events

23 Mar 2022 March METRO Meeting: No Longer Invisible: What Does It Mean to Be Asian in I/O?
18 Mar 2022 Career Day 2022
21 Feb 2022 February METRO Meeting: Speaker Alan Colquitt on Performance Management
2 Feb 2022 Lumina Masterclass on Personality Coaching
25 Jan 2022 Building People Analytics Teams
1 Dec 2021 December METRO Speaker: Learning Agility, The “X Factor” in Leadership
18 Nov 2021 Workshop on Using R to Analyze HR Data
8 Nov 2021 HR leadership in a global pandemic: Insights and observations
6 Nov 2021 METRO Fall Social
6 Oct 2021 The Great Transformation
7 Jun 2021 Inclusive Coaching: Leadership for a Diverse Workforce
13 May 2021 Improving Organizational Performance: The Cube One Framework
22 Apr 2021 The Current Legal Landscape: What you don’t know could hurt you!
5 Mar 2021 METRO Virtual Career Day 2021
11 Feb 2021 Assessing and Developing Talent: Lessons Learned from the NFL Project
25 Jan 2021 Breaking Barriers & Demanding Change: Minorities Paving a New Path Forward in the Field of I/O Psychology
9 Dec 2020 The Team Cohesion-Performance Relationship: A Meta-Analysis Exploring Measurement Approaches and the Changing Team Landscape
16 Nov 2020 Employee Experience: Fad or the Future?
19 Oct 2020 What Are Employees Thinking These Days
8 Jun 2020 Telecommuting: The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown
11 May 2020 Gamified and Game-based Assessment: An Interdisciplinary Frontier for both Games and Assessment
20 Mar 2020 METRO Career Day - 2020
16 Mar 2020 Employee Experience: Fad or the Future?
10 Feb 2020 Leadership Development: Accelerating Assessment Insight and Outcomes
15 Jan 2020 Leadership Humility
16 Dec 2019 The Taboo of Ambition
20 Nov 2019 Creating Workforce Agility in an AI World
17 Oct 2019 Inclusion Audits: Calls to Action for Women High-Potentials


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