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New York Metropolitan Association of Applied Psychology

Upcoming events

    • 6 Dec 2022
    • 6:00 PM
    • Virtual: Link TBD

    Executive Coaching Skills Workshop 

    Please join us Virtually for an our first Skills Workshop of this year!

    In this session, we share a framework of different types of coaching that are typically used in organizations.  Understanding and using this framework can help you provide guidance to leaders on the suitability of coaching as an intervention, help with matching executives with a coach, and preparing for chemistry meetings and selecting a coach. We introduce the concept of coach maturity and the various dimensions along which coaches evolve.  We examine the use and benefits of competency frameworks for coaches and explore the arguments for going beyond competencies to encompass the development of capacities and capabilities in coaches.  Finally, we draw parallels between leadership development and coach development.  

    Event Details


    Monday, December 6th


    6:00 pm-7:00 pm


    Zoom Link TBD


    Sarah Tennyson - Partner - CEC Global LLC | LinkedIn

    Sarah Tennyson

    An organizational psychologist with over 15 years of professional services experience consulting to organizations worldwide, Sarah delivers individual executive, group and team coaching. She has a pragmatic and solution-focused approach, utilizing tools and methods based on real-world experience combined with the best available research evidence. Sarah developed an appreciation for adapting to new people and cultures through delivering coaching and workshops to over 20,000 individuals in more than 20 countries.  She moved from the UK to New York in 2015.

    Angela Wright - Partner - CEC Global LLC | LinkedIn

    Angela Wright

    An award-winning Coach Supervisor (EMCC), Angela has over 25 years global professional and corporate experience, including more than 12 years’ experience as coach, coach supervisor, educator and researcher. With a background as an Attorney, she has led large international teams on cross-functional projects and disputes worth in excess of $1billion. Raised in the UK, Angela spent over a decade living and working in Australia. She has also undertaken a number of secondments in Asia and spent time working in Europe. In 2010 Angela relocated with her family to New York where she continues to work with clients all over the globe and indulge her passion for traveling off the beaten track.

    • 15 Dec 2022
    • 5:45 PM
    • NYU: 133 E 13th Street, 2nd Floor, NY NY

    Dr. Allan Church

    Allan Church

    Please join us in person for an our final Speaker Event of 2022!

    Allan Church is an organizational psychologist and recognized thought leader in talent management with over 30 years of experience including global corporate executive positions and external OD consulting. Specializing in talent management processes and execution, succession planning, high potential identification and development, executive assessment and coaching, 360 feedback, organizational surveys, culture change, performance management systems, and human capital insights and applied research. Highly engaged in the profession with academia, consulting, associations and talent management, Od, and HR industry groups. 

    Event Details


    Thursday, December 15th


    5:45 pm-7:45 pm


    NYU Wasserman Center

    The Wasserman Center for Career Development is New York University’s central career development resource, providing services and support to undergraduate students, graduate and graduate certificate students, postdocs, and alumni with a bachelor’s, master’s, graduate certificate, or doctoral degree from nearly every NYU school. In the past, Metro has partnered with this center to host its in-person events, and we are happy to be welcomed back for our in-person events this year!

    We will try to livestream the event as well, so if you are not in NYC you do not need to miss out! We do not guarantee it will be flawless, but hope to have it as an option to any of our members who cannot physically attend! More details to come.

    133 E 13th Street, 2nd Floor, NY NY

    IMPORTANT: NYU's Vaccination Policy

    In order to attend this lovely event, we have to align with the below protocols set by NYU. Click here for more information.

    Vaccination Verification Process

    To access METRO events all attendees must have proof of COVID vaccination status or exemption status verified within the NYU system prior to arrival. All current METRO members will receive an email from NYU with a form to enter your information and upload proof of vaccination. Please submit as soon as possible as processing takes 3-5 business days. Once approved you will need to download the NYU app and complete Violet Go to generate a pass to show to security upon entering NYU premises. The pass gives access for all future events. 

    For non-members the NYU policy has two routes to verification:pre-approval and same-day verification. We suggest pre-approval as the easiest route but this requires all guests and non-members to register for the event 14+ days in advance. We will submit a list of non-members to NYU two weeks before the event. You will receive an email to upload information about 1 week prior to the event and then can complete the Violet Go app on event day to access NYU premises.  

    If registering less than a week before the event then you can visit the on-site vaccination check station at the Jeffrey S. Gould Welcome Center (50 West 4th street) which is open from 8 am to 6 pm. You will need to bring an id and proof of vaccination after which you will receive a printed vaccination verification receipt good for one week. Note this site is 15-20 minute walking distance from the career center and may be busy so plan accordingly if you desire to attend cocktails and happy hour. 

    Note anyone registering less than 5 days before the event may experience issues with on-site vaccination. METRO will try its best to coordinate with NYU officials to get you in their system but can't guarantee they will verify your status before your status as an attendee is uploaded. 

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