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New York Metropolitan Association of Applied Psychology

About Us

The Metropolitan New York Association for Applied Psychology (METRO) was founded in 1939 as a not-for-profit professional association. We are the oldest and largest local professional association of applied psychologists in the U.S. METRO takes pride in serving as a role model for other applied psychology organizations now operating in Chicago, Houston, Washington, D.C., Southern California, and more. We look back over the years with gratitude to our numerous colleagues - our members, distinguished speakers, officers, students, and volunteers - all whom contributed their time, energy, and expertise to make METRO the dynamic organization it is today. 


METRO has four broad overarching aims which guide our continued practice:

(1) To provide for the cooperative association of persons who are actively engaged in the practice of applied psychology.

(2) To promote and maintain high standards among professionals in the field of applied psychology.

(3) To further the advancement of applied psychology as a science and profession.

(4) To further educate its membership, colleagues in adjacent disciplines, and the public at large.


Read the 2016 TIP article detailing METRO's history, growth, and operational structure. Also included is a brief discussion of some of METRO's unique offerings, including our annual Career Day, SIOP student scholarship, and certification workshops. If interested in learning more about METRO or contributing to METRO's future, please reach out to the board with your ideas. 


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