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Dr. Charles Scherbaum,
Rethinking Intelligence: Conceptualization, Use, and Measurement
   NYU Wasserman Center
 6/10 6:00PM
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10 June

Rethinking Intelligence: Conceptualization, Use, and Measurement
Dr. Charles Scherbaum
Baruch College, City University of New York
6/10/15 - 6:00 PM

Research has clearly established that intelligence is one of the most important individual differences in HR and I-O psychology. Despite its importance and the dramatic changes that have occurred in the world of work, the conceptualization and use of intelligence in workplace processes have changed very little over the past sixty years. In many other fields (e.g., cognitive and developmental psychology, and the neurosciences) researchers have made considerable progress in understanding this critical and complex construct and its role in the modern world. These developments have not only propelled our thinking about intelligence forward, but have also led to the reconsideration of a number of “truths” about intelligence. However, this modern research and thinking has minimally impacted the fields of HR and I/O psychology and attempts to engage in this modern research have met with resistance. The goal of this presentation is to introduce HR and I-O researchers and practitioners to modern thinking on intelligence as well as some of the innovations and developments in the conceptualization, use, and measurement of intelligence that have the potential to impact practice and research in the workplace.

Dr. Charles A. Scherbaum is an associate professor of psychology at Baruch College in the City University of New York. His research focuses on personnel selection, cognitive ability testing, attitudes toward stigmatized employees, test validation, analytics, and applied psychometrics. Publications of his research have appeared in journals such as Personnel Psychology, Organizational Research Methods, Educational and Psychological Measurement, Journal of Business and Psychology, Human Resource Management Review, and Leadership Quarterly. Charles was one of the winners of the 2011 M. Scott Myers Award from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology as well as the 2011 Innovation Award from the International Personnel Assessment Council for his research on cognitive ability tests. His research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the Graduate Management Admissions Council. Charles is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Applied Psychology and Journal of Business and Psychology. He is a past president of METRO. Charles received a Ph.D. in I/O psychology from Ohio University.

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